Location Research

The location is one of the most crucial success factor for the luxury brands, and each property has a different potential. ASB Consultancy is able to foresee opportunities for all retailers: to place the most suitable retailers and tenants for every property; and for the retailers and tenants, the best location and the most qualified partners.

The agency's clients include owners, retail businesses, investors and project developers. In the business fields of leasing, investment and consulting, I offer a comprehensive range of advice around the property and the retail shop premises.

ASB Consultancy is also valued by the owners of the respective top retail properties and by investors, as they are advised in the selection of the optimal tenant, which keeps the fluctuation down, providing a good return and an attractive mix of tenants.

Brand Implementation

Brand implementation is the keystone to the success of your store. Anchoring your brand locally is critical to ensure your brand’s stability and ultimate success.


A proactive plan protects you from underachieving and negative results; it is imperative you do it the right way at the right time. ASB Consultancy assists you in it, through relevant local sponsoring, partnerships, PR and marketing supports.


The agency develops, promotes and establish your brand and reputation on a long-term basis. In building rewarding relationships with key local opinion leaders, core customers and local partners, the agency develop tailor-made strategies that make the most out of its clients to broaden awareness and stimulate engagement.


The agency creates efficient transaction procedures for commercial properties. This allows to ensure that its clients receive the best possible deal for new contracts and extensions or renegotiation of commercial leases.


On the basis of the tenant representation mandate, ASB Consultancy ensures that the best interests of the company and the property user are represented to the landlord. 

The agency guarantees efficient transaction management to property users. This saves both time and money for its clients – whether it’s for a one-off transaction, within a global management structure or as part of lease management of your portfolio and lease obligations.