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Anne-Sophie Bonnisseau

Luxury Retail Consultant

Fancy Store


The best Location

About Me

The agency focuses on the luxury retail sector with specific expertise in fashion, jewelry and art, offering a consultancy service to provide the most prestigious locations, grow market presence and find the right talents for single-brand stores in St Moritz.

Customer focus, professionalism and personal commitment form the core of the agency’s philosophy, with tailored consulting and support services to the individual customer needs and requirements.


Expertise You Can Trust

Brands Collaboration

Location Research & Leasing

Brand Implementation

Talent Search

Location research which will best emphasize the value of single-brand stores, pop-up and showroom as well as collaboration with real estate properties for the leasing and renegotiation of commercial areas

Assistance in the brand implementation, through relevant sponsoring, partnerships, PR and marketing

Find the best and appropriate candidates to reach the brands requirements, within the luxury and hospitality markets

Boutique Opening

Christian Dior

Opening of the first Christian Dior store in St Moritz, on via Serlas. Prime location, facing the Badrutt's Palace Hotel.

Luxury Valet Service

Get in Touch

Email:  /  Tel: 0041 (0)79 346 11 94  

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